Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University, University of Bridgeport, Quinnipiac University and the community colleges use Connecticut-based-startup Spothook, to connect their students to employers for internships and career opportunities.

Funded by Connecticut Innovations, Spothook, uses its cloud-based platform to organize “virtual” career fairs and help companies expand their talent pool.  Employers interview from the convenience of their offices, with access to students and schools that are not traditionally part of their annual recruiting plan.

Spothook linking students to employers for jobs

Public Virtual Career Fairs

Spothook’s first career fairs were conducted last year with Quinnipiac University and Sacred Heart University.  Participating employers included ESPN, Indeed, Nestlé Waters, New York Life, and Northwestern Mutual.

Spothook has eight public virtual career fairs scheduled for September and October with participating students from more than 25 colleges and universities in Connecticut. They are also in the planning stages of a major event this November for Veterans.

Employers that participate in a fair create job postings designed to promote their brand and culture, and set a schedule to meet or interview interested candidates.  Candidates are able to view the individual postings and if interested, grab a time slot for an interview.

Spothook linking students to employers for jobs

Employers and Students Benefit

For the company, Spothook’s virtual career fairs provide the opportunity to meet candidates from multiple schools; all from the convenience of their offices or anywhere with Internet access.

For the student or candidate, it is an opportunity to meet employers that otherwise may not participate in the on-campus fair at their school.  Plus, unlike responding to an opportunity found on a public job board or company website, the candidate is almost guaranteed a one-on-one session with the company they choose.

Job Boards & Private Career Fairs

In addition to joining a public fair, Spothook’s platform provides employers the opportunity to create their own private fair and target schools of their choice.  Or a firm can use Spothook’s free job board where they are able to link a posting to social media, their company website and other public job boards to drive traffic.  Posting on the job board offers employers the advantage of Spothook’s streamlined scheduler and enhanced video platform to source, screen, schedule, interview and track talent for reportedly less cost and time.

For more information, visit Spothook’s website at www.spothook.com.

Spothook Connects Students to Employers for Internships and Jobs!
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