ASML is hiring engineers, software architects and technicians at its Wilton, CT research and development (R&D) and manufacturing facility. The Wilton factory has more than 60 job openings in assembly manufacturing, optics fabrication, production engineering and logistics, as well as many in development and engineering. ASML is looking for the most creative minds in science and technology that thrive on being pushed to their limits and challenged to solve complex technical problems.

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A global manufacturer, ASML makes chip-making equipment including high-tech lithography, metrology and software for the semiconductor industry. These complex machines can image billions of tiny structures in a few seconds with an accuracy of a few silicon atoms. All of the world’s leading chipmakers rely on ASML to manufacture faster, cheaper, more energy-efficient microchips, which in turn leads to smaller, more powerful consumer electronics.

“We all join ASML for the technology, but the thing that I really love about working at ASML is the people. To do what we do, ASML needs really smart, talented energetic people. It is a lot of fun working in high-caliber teams of motivated innovators to develop real products that year after year push the boundaries of what is possible or even conceivable,” said Ken Bogursky, mechanical development at ASML.

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ASML is a multi-national company with offices in 60 cities in 16 countries (17 offices in the U.S.), headquartered in the Netherlands. It employs more than 16,000 people worldwide (+ 1,200 people in Wilton), invests more than €1 billion annually in R&D and generated sales of €6.8 billion in 2016.

Semiconductor lithography operations began in Wilton in the 1970s and ASML acquired the site in 2001. A recognized leader in progressive manufacturing techniques and lean practices (i.e. cellular layouts, material flow, point-of-use program, cross-training, concurrent engineering stations, etc.), the facility was quickly integrated and grew in prominence.

“ASML is devoted to a safe and lean manufacturing environment that develops its staff to work collaboratively in dynamic and challenging roles,” said James Rivera, manufacturing operations at ASML.

Today, ASML Wilton develops and manufactures fully qualified, high-value functional modules to its lithography and metrology tools. The Wilton factory manufactures one third of the scanner body that are critical to the system’s productivity, overlay and imaging performance, as well as critical optical metrology sensors. Furthermore, Wilton is the only ASML office worldwide that designs and manufactures low-aberration optical elements.

“It is interesting work that’s the same, but different every day because every optic is unique – a different shape or size that must be reproduced within very precise specifications. This requires mathematical understanding, but also critical thinking and a meticulous approach to solving high-tech manufacturing challenges,” said Paul Hospodar, senior optical technician at ASML. “I continue to see an increase in the amount and variety of work I encounter, and it’s a welcomed challenge in a comfortable, clean work environment.”

Unlike other manufacturing companies, ASML Wilton maintains a close integration of R&D, manufacturing and supply chain management. The company continues to make investments to the site with a vision for long-term growth and has a continuous improvement culture in which employees are listened to and their suggestions taken seriously.

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World-leading Chip-making Equipment Manufacturer ASML is Hiring in Wilton